Handmade Jewelry for special occasions or no occasion at all

All of the metal work in each piece is hand forged using blacksmithing tools and techniques.  I specialize in forging iron jewelry but I also work with bronze, copper, aluminum and silver. 

I have many customers that choose my jewelry for their anniversary gifts. Iron is the traditional gift given for the 6th wedding anniversary.  Copper is the traditional gift for the 7th anniversary.  Bronze is the traditional gift for the 8th anniversary. Leather and Pearls are used for the 9th anniversary.  Aluminum is traditional for the 10th and Steel is traditional for the 11th.  I have worked with many couples to create unique pieces beginning with their 6th anniversary all the way through the 12th.  I take great pride in providing a unique service for individuals.  

I will occasionally have bronze jewelry ready to mail, but I typically work with my customers to create something unique with forged bronze.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss a bronze necklace or earrings.