Handmade Jewelry for special occasions or no occasion at all

Iron Jewelry

Please browse through my collection of one of a kind jewelry designs perfect for your 6th (iron) anniversary or your 11th (steel) anniversary.  Iron or steel has been hand forged using blacksmithing tools and techniques into individual elements that are paired with semi-precious and precious stones, pearls, leather and other materials to create wearable art.    

Some items are made and can be mailed immediately and others are made to order.  Designs that state that they are made to order can usually be ready mail within 1-3 business days.  Please contact me if you have a deadline that you need met and I will let you know if it is possible.

Each piece of jewelry has metal elements either in iron, bronze, copper, aluminum, or silver that have been individually hand forged.  I do not cast any element in my jewelry.  Each clasp, metal bead, pendent, earring, etc has been hand forged on an anvil using blacksmithing tools and techniques. Due to the nature of forging, you can expect slight variations from one piece to the next.  Your custom made jewelry will be very similar to what is pictured but it will not be identical.  The shape and size of pearls or stones can also vary.  

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